Rental Plans:

Standard monthly rent-to-own, Elite monthly rent-to-own, 3 month trial, School Year trial. All plans offer optional insurance plans, which is highly recommended. All plans except the Elite are for a beginning student level outfit including the instrument, case or bag, bow and rosin. The Elite plan is for a higher quality outfit. Cellos and basses come with soft bags but you have the option of upgrading to a hard case. School delivery and pickup is available for the districts we work with for no extra charge. All common accessories and music are available for purchase. Instruments may be exchanged for the next size when needed. Basses are available in limited quantities, size exchanges are not guaranteed.

Monthly plans are month-to-month contracts. You are earning some credit towards the purchase of an instrument but you may also return the instrument in good condition at any time. If you purchase a smaller sized instrument and need to exchange to the next size, you may do so for 100% trade-in value within the first year after purchase less a small trade-in fee to cover maintenance on the instrument you are returning. After one year, trade-in value will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Trial periods are special rental rates. You may only have one special trial period contract per school year. At the end of the trial period, you may return the instrument in good condition, purchase an instrument for a discount, or continue renting at the monthly rent-to-own rates.

You may upgrade to an Elite plan at any time subject to instrument availability. Any credit accrued to that point will roll over to the new plan as long as there is not a break in time between the two plans.

Instrument Return Procedure :

If you will be returning an instrument to your school or music instructor, please review the following return policy to avoid extra charges on your account.

Rental Instrument Pricing

Plans Violin Viola Cello Bass Comments
Monthly Rent-to-Own
Monthly Rent-to-Own ( Better Instrument)
3 Month Trial
Trial Rate
School Year Trial
Trial Rate (summer before school free)
Prices above do not include sales tax or optional insurance plans. Please read the rental and return policies on the website

Choosing an Instrument size

Selecting a Size: To select the correct size violin or viola, measure the player’s arm length using a tape measure or yard stick. Have the student extend their left arm straight out in front of their body. Measure from the neck to the center of the palm. If there is any doubt, or if your child is in between sizes, select the smaller size. To size for a cello or bass, the best way to measure is by using an instrument for reference. However, we can get a very good approximation of size based on the player’s height.

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