Choosing the Correct Instrument Size

When filling out the rental form, you will be asked to request a particular size of instrument for your child. If you are unable to get this information from your teacher, here are some simple guidelines to help you determine which size would be appropriate for your child.


Have your child extend his/her left arm parallel to the floor with the palm facing upward. (Refer to illustration below.) Make sure the elbow is straight. Measure the distance from your child’s neck directly above the extended arm to the center of the palm. (A yard stick works best for this.)
For violin sizes look at the following list and choose the one that is the closest to your measurement.
  • 18 1/2” = 1/4 size
  • 20 3/16” = 1/2 size
  • 22 1/4” = 3/4 size
  • 23 3/4” = 4/4 size
For viola sizes, choose from this list:
  • 21” = 12” size
  • 22” = 13” size
  • 23” = 14” size
  • 25” = 15” size
  • 25.5” = 15 1/2” size
  • 26.25” = 16” size
  • 27” = 16 1/2” size
If your measurement is halfway between any two sizes, it is better to choose the smaller size in the beginning.
Consult with the teacher or make an appointment with The Violin Doctor to properly fit your child with the correct size cello.  
Feel free to contact us at 732‐223‐3669 with any questions you may have.

Instruments may be picked up and/or delivered for evaluation for a fee.